Quality, Workplace Health, Safety and

Enviroment Protection Policy   (IMS)


INTEGRATED MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (IMS) ISO 9001:2015 ISO 14001: 2015 ISO 45001:2018

In Grupo Lampa we are dedicated to the collection, selection, processing, transportation, marketing and export of different types of ferrous scrap and its by-products, in addition to the marketing of hardware products and services, the manufacture of sized steel and plate bending. Our main objective is our customer’s and stakeholder’s satisfaction, we constantly strive to improve our quality standards and fulfill our objectives to provide a better service.

To achieve this, we are committed to implementing and maintaining an integrated management system (IMS) at all levels of our organization. This includes the constant search for and investment in high-tech equipment to ensure a profitable investment, reduce costs and increase production. We are also committed to responsibly and carefully enhancing the performance levels of all our employees.

In terms of compliance with laws and agreements related to quality, workplace health and safety, and environmental protection we are committed to protect the integrity and working conditions of all staff minimizing the dangers and reducing the operational risks. We provide healthy and safe working conditions to prevent injuries and deterioration of health related to work. We have established and implemented processes to consult all of our staff in all levels and roles.

We are concerned about environmental protection, considering the aspects and impacts generated by our operations. Therefore we are committed to prevent pollution and make specific commitments pertinent to our industry.

Finally, we focus on the training and professionalization of our staff giving them the required tools and knowledge to develop and execute tasks within the standards of quality, efficiency, workplace health and safety, and environment protection. In Grupo Lampa we seek to comply with the requirements of our system and continuously improve the efficiency of IMS.

We have the commitment to review and adapt this policy annually or when considered appropriate.