The Lampa Group companies operate throughout the national territory capturing, processing and commercializing thousands of tons of ferrous scrap each year. This has allowed us to become business-leaders in Chile while meeting the needs of the international market. Our position has been achieved through continuous improvement that is supported by specially qualified personnel and cutting-edge, innovative and efficient technology.

Our Providers

Scrap Processing

Scrap Commercialization





We work with small and medium-size collectors, as well as individuals and companies that generate their own metal surplus.

We receive ferrous scrap from all over the country, in our constant and professional duty to clean the country’s soils and provide a stable source of income to thousands of micro, small and medium-sized businesses. These businesses collect this valuable material every day, which is necessary to produce new steel for the construction and metalworking industries.



Scrap processed by Grupo Lampa is then recycled by the national and international steelmaking industry in order to manufacture new steel.

We have logistical support for the transportation of ferrous material, which includes modern trucks and equipment specially adapted for the transportation of scrap to and from loading and stockpiling sites.

We are pioneers in the exportation of bulk scrap metal. This requires a complex logistical effort in its planning and management, as does the transport of material to the port and its subsequent loading onto a ship. 



We buy, process, transport and commercialize more than 140 thousand tons of scrap per year.

The ferrous material that is processed is taken to the plant and separated into light and heavy material stockpiles. Light material is compacted into small high-density bundles, while heavy material undergoes an oxycutting or shearing process, which allows us to meet the required standards required by both the national and international markets. Once processed, the material is transferred to our final collection centers to be sent to our clients.



We have state-of-the-art technology, innovative equipment and efficient machinery that allow us to achieve a high degree of quality via our processes and fully meet the needs of our customers, contributing to productivity within the country while taking care of the planet.

We have scrap shredder machines, stationary and mobile shearing machines with a cutting capacity of up to 900 tons, cranes, excavators, grapples, forklifts, and booms with a capacity of up to 90 tons, roll-on roll-off trucks and ramps. We also have mobile compactors traveling the country in order to fully cover the needs of our suppliers, which in turn allow us to optimize timing in our production processes and obtain high quality material.