The companies of Grupo Lampa operate across the whole national territory capturing, processing and commercializing thousands of tons of ferrous scrap per year. We are leaders in the industry in Chile and meet the needs of the international market. 

Our Providers

We work with more than 10 thousand suppliers, from small and medium-size scrap collectors to private suppliers and companies that generate their own metallic surplus.

Scrap Processing

Grupo Lampa processes more than 10 thousand tons of scrap every month. This material is sheared, compacted, or fragmented according to its features and density.

Scrap Commercialization

Scrap processed by Grupo Lampa is then recycled by the national and international steelmaking industry in order to manufacture new steel.

About us

We are a family business with more than 35 years of experience in the market of purchasing and processing industrial metal surplusses.


Our experts advise every business in the detection of ferrous residues generated by their processes, providing appropriate solutions to waste treatment.


By recycling, these enterprises generate new value from their industrial waste. This makes it possible to produce new steel without the need to extract non-renewable resources from nature.


We have 25,000 m2 dedicated to the management and recycling of household and industrial ferrous waste, with three recycling plants ready to respond to any type of demand.

Cutting-edge technology

We process scrap with state-of-the-art equipment that guarantees a top quality service.

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Recycling Centers

We have four recycling centers nationwide, located in Antofagasta, Talcahuano and Temuco, covering each region of Chile to consolidate optimal loads in our trucks and dispatch directly to our plant in Colina.

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